Part of running a small press is inching slowly along the road and investigating lots of different things. For instance, we’re now learning about Facebook and Twitter — okay, so we’re latecomers to the social media phenomenon — not to mention doing this blog. It is a surprisingly relaxing endeavor and will be a fun way to keep in touch with folks.

For now, we’re working on producing our 2010 prize-winning haiku chapbook All That Remains by Catherine J.S. Lee. We have finished a dummy copy and need to order the paper, then print, cut and sew up the books which we plan to have ready for release in March. Plus, of course, we still have to put the finishing touches on our website and let folks know about it.

Patience — if you’re going to have a small press, you need to cultivate patience.  And have family and good friends who can clue you in here and there as well as keep you laughing. We just try to take it little by little and be grateful, after all, for a day over 32 degrees, the sound of rivulets of melting ice and snow, and the first sunlight in a long time. . . more soon!