Bill Bonner- Photographer

Bill Bonner, an easy-going person who always has a smile, has done numerous photo shoots for us, including churches and beauty salons, day care centers and houses. We met Bill when Turtle Light Press was first established in 2005 in Highland Park, NJ.

In our most ambitious joint project so far, Bill took hundreds of photos of Highland Park, NJ, for its Centennial celebration, highlighting the borough’s main street, civic and religious institutions, houses and offbeat angles that we subsequently made into a limited edition book and various packs of note cards.

“The introduction of digital cameras deepened my enthusiasm for photography,” he says. “Being able to preview exposure on the spot reduced guesswork and encouraged experimentation. I enjoy using computer graphic software along with my aesthetic judgment to enhance or alter images I’ve taken. I am no purist.”

He lives in Highland Park, New Jersey, and is the head of the Highland Park Artists Collective.

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