A book is an invitation to slow down, to relax. It might have hand made paper, a unique binding, beautiful images and typography. Or, it might be a more affordable trade version. No matter what type, though, it is a treasure box to open, explore and savor.

In an age when the internet makes books readily available, it is still important to handle and touch a book. It’s not that we’re against computers and digital media. Indeed, we use computers as tools to create many of our books; but we believe that digital media and hand made books need to be complimentary. Each has a different role to play in our world.

Limited Edition Hand Made Books

All of our limited edition, hand made books are collectors’ items that are painstakingly handcrafted using the best  materials, including archival-quality inks and acid-free papers from around the world. Sometimes the books are made entirely in-house in our Arlington, VA, studio; other times we collaborate with experts elsewhere. Regardless, though, each book is made so that it will last for decades. Not only rare book collectors, museums and libraries should be able to afford exquisite books. You will also find here more affordable versions of our limited editions using the same care and high-quality materials.

Gorgeous Books Created One By One

Our books range from digital paintings of our initial hometown of Highland Park, NJ to haiku about the way in which peace and war intermingle in daily life in Israel. All of these are created one by one. We hope you’ll enjoy browsing through our books on-line, at a book fair or in shops such as Through The Moongate Gallery and Gift Shop in Highland Park, NJ, Farley’s Bookshop in New Hope, Pa, and Two The Moon gift shop in Arlington, VA. Our studio is currently located in Arlington VA, where we are easily accessible to Arlington County, Fairfax County and Washington, D.C.

Trade Paperback Books

While we love handmade books, sometimes it’s simply not feasible to make every book by hand, especially with titles that have a wide audience. So, we have taken to making occasional trade paperback books, such as “Nick Virgilio: A Life in Haiku” so that many people can enjoy it. Still, we apply all of our appreciation and knowledge of books, our design skills and sensibility into making these types of books as special as possible.

To learn more about our limited edition, hand made books, and trade books, or to purchase your own today please contact us now.

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