Hyattsville, MD, Photographs

Hyattsville Historic DistrictOur colorful Hyattsville photographs capture one of the oldest towns in Prince George’s county. Sitting at the head of the Anacostia River, the town’s historic district features more than 1,000 buildings. We capture many aspects of the historic district in our Hyattsville photographs.

Walk through the historic commercial area today to discover lots of neat artsy stores, restaurants and boutiques. Don’t forget to stop at Vigilante for a great cup of coffee and pastry or Pyramid Atlantic, where you can take art classes or see the latest exhibition.

The town started to flourish after the Civil War with the break up of plantations and a booming federal government. A small number of immigrants and African-Americans lived here from its earliest days. By 1893, the town had 170 houses, four churches, a fire department, grocers, butchers, livery stable, an electric streetcar, telephone and electric service.

In 1908, the Carter Motor Company factory was established and attracted service stations, garages, and dealerships. By 1916, the town had grown to more than 6,000 people. Many of them commuted to Washington, DC. A treat could be to go to the neighboring Bladensburg Spa Springs resort, which featured “healing waters.”

We have focused on the new and old in our colorful Hyattsville photographs of a line of 19th century stores and buildings that run along Route 1. Take a look at Franklin’s or the old Hyattsville Hardware Company.  We start with a digital photo and turn it into a painting. Each print is made with archival inks and the best photographic paper today.

Our Hyattsville photographs are great souvenirs of the town and gifts. To learn more about the history of Hyattsville, you can check out the  Hyattsville Preservation Association, Prince George’s County Historical Society, or the National Register of Historic Places. To see our special Hyattsville prints with the town’s name letterpressed below, please take a look here.

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