2012 TLP Competition Favorite Haiku Poems

Japanese paintings| haiku | Bamboo by Rick Black of Turtle Light PressTo honor the fine work of poets who submitted entries to the 2012 Turtle Light Press Haiku Chapbook Competition, which was won by Graham High, author of The Window That Closes, we have selected a handful of the poems that we have most enjoyed. We hope that you will enjoy this cross-section of haiku from around the world.

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Ernest Berry
Picton, New Zealand

old garden shed
the insecticide can
full of spiders

filleting cod
trying to avoid
eye contact

late afternoon
the porch icicle
lit from within

Steve Burgess
Santa Maria, CA

distant cut-outs
of cardboard panoramas–
mountains in haze

Steven Carter
Tucson, AZ

Alzheimer’s unit–
visiting Granddad,
I forget which block

early autumn stream–
on its last journey
the first yellow leaf

Glenn Coats
Prospect, VA

the silent snow
keeps us awake

winter roses
father shows us photographs
he no longer sees

familiar hymns
prayers worn deep
in the wood

Temple Cone
Annapolis, MD

spring night–
one peeper’s song
spawns thousands

a rainbow of children gathering Easter eggs

Kathy Lundy Derengowski
San Marcos, CA

ladybug on wing
she’s a show-off, isn’t she,
in those polka dots?

Anne Dunnett
Vancouver, British Columbia

at dawn
a silhouette
migrating south

last day of summer
watermelon seeds
left behind

Andrea Eldridge
Claremont, CA

on final approach:
the last inch before touchdown,
the last breath

Robert Epstein
El Cerrito, CA

a girl screams from the car
look both ways!

Earth Day
he spends it
60 floors up

eyeing her
in the waiting room:
the optometrist

Bruce Feingold
Berkeley, CA

a swallowtail
brushes my fingertips–
warrior pose

coming of summer–
a forget-me-not pokes
through the fence

Lois J. Funk
Manito, IL

four-way stop
pink and white balloons
dodge morning traffic

memorial spray
short one silk geranium
lying in the road

LeRoy Gorman
Napanee, Ontario

end of season sale
an old price guide keeps
the counter level

deafening rain
we talk of the dead
in whispers

farm for sale
the grandchild picks
a bouquet of weeds

R. Gray
Marcus Hook, PA

3 a.m.
a neighbor’s chimes
in the soft wind

Graham High
London, England

crab claw on the shore–
your fingers clasped more firmly
round my hand

the moonlight
wave after wave

painting together–
pink and blue tempera
tinting the wind

Cara Holman
Portland, OR

forest hike
the path widens
enough for two

thistledown drifts
on the breeze

Duro Jaiye
Hirakata, Japan

easy listening–
somebody else’s child
having a tantrum

daybreak . . .
from the maternity room window,
budding cherry trees

Wendy Kaplan
Cape May, NJ

someone’s birthday wish
spelled with horseshoe crab helmets
left by last night’s tide

CaroleAnn Lovin
Clearwater, FL

birds splash–
inside-out umbrella
turned upside-down


Bob Lucky
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

fall mist
steam from a pot
of chili

family reunion
pies lined up on the counter
to cool

dawn smudged fingerprints on an empty glass

Beth McFarland
Karlsruhe, Germany

born early
taken home
in a tea-cosy

he forgets to eat
after years
of spreading the butter thick

Peter Meister
New Hope, AL

floppy ears
straight up–
distant barking

almost open
the choirmaster’s fingertips
let the song go
     –for Ward Jamison

Beverly Acuff Momoi
Mountain View, CA

mid-winter rain
in fits and starts he asks
about the prognosis
     –Notes from the Gean, Volume 3:1

Marian Olson
Santa Fe, NM

cresting the mesa
a huge orange moon
quells all talk

wake up!
the fading gold moon
won’t wait

Kathe Palka
Flemington, NJ

spring breeze
a red pinwheel spinning
on a child’s grave
Modern Haiku, Autumn 2009

Independence Day–
sparklers trace patterns
in the darkness
Modern Haiku, Summer 2011

baking for Christmas
scent of last year’s cinnamon
in an empty tin
bottle rockets #22, 2010

Michael Scott
Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK

June rain–
waste ground awash
with poppies

morning meadow–
above the mist
the backs of cattle

Mark Smith
Keyser, WV

starless night
lit window
where the widow lives

the maple leaf
speckled red

Linda Jeannette Ward

drooping pear tree–
a doe balances
on hind legs

bluejay feathers
scattered along this path
afternoon silence

David Worrell
Cherry Hill, NJ

deflated purple
mylar birthday balloon floats
against jetty rocks

2012 TLP Haiku Chapbook Competition Winner — Graham High’s The Window That Closes

2010 TLP Haiku Chapbook Competition Winner — Catherine J.S. Lee’s All That Remains

2008 TLP Haiku Chapbook Competition Winner — Michael McClintock’s Sketches from the San Joaquin

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