BookstoreWe want to thank all of the poets who entered the 2012 TLP Haiku Chapbook Competition. We have received more than 30 entries from around the world. It is thrilling each day to go to our post office box and find manuscripts, either stuffed into the tiny box or a yellow card indicating that it needs to be picked up from the postal clerk.

Manuscripts so far have come in from America, Canada, Ethiopia, Germany, England, Ireland, Japan and New Zealand. Over the next few weeks, judges Kwame Dawes and Rick Black will be reading the entries independently and carefully, then will consult with each other at the end of January and make an announcement in February as to the winner.

It promises to be an exciting time. Updates on the competition as well as other TLP projects, such as a new collection of Nick Virgilio’s haiku due out in the spring, will be posted on our website, sent out via our blog and posted on our  TLP Facebook page, so feel free to follow us in any of these places.

Last but not least, some surprising news awaits the entrants to this year’s competition as we move ahead, so keep an eye out!

Thanks to each of you for entrusting your poems to us!

Kwame Dawes and Rick Black