We are glad to announce the release of our next major Jewish artist book, Akedah: The Binding of Yitzhak.

An accordion book that one can view intimately or expand 50 feet for display, it tells the haunting Biblical story of Abraham who is commanded to sacrifice his son, Isaac.

With stark mountains drawn with sumi-inks, Akedah: The Binding of Yitzhak aspires to capture the breakdown of language in the face of trauma. As Akedah: The Binding of Yitzhak unfolds, the letters and words become more fragmented and disjointed.

The book functions on multiple levels. The text itself runs across spare mountains interspersed with commentary from Jewish and non-Jewish sources, ranging from the Talmud to Kierkegaard to Bob Dylan. In addition, a sub-text of silence is created through multiple blind embossments made with a Vandercook press.

An edition of 8 copies is available to libraries, museums and collectors.

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